Meet Ken Beaton

Ken Beaton is the president of ARCA Real Estate Investments Inc. Ken began his career as a civil engingeer technologist before taking over Clayton Lakeside Resort along with his wife Joanne. Ken also acquired his real estate license in 1990 and worked for Gale Real Estate. Ken and Joanne sold their business in 2003 so that Ken could work full time for his new company ARCA Real Estate Inc. Ken also mentored for the Whitney and Kiyosaki Real Estate programs for three years.


Thank you for the support and opportunity that you have shared with us during our mentorship. The mentorship has given us the knowledge and confidence that we needed to move forward and pursue our Real Estate deals. Ken is extremely creative, committed and focused on Real Estate. We would not hesitate to recommend Ken’s mentorship to anyone. In fact the cost of the mentorship is minor compared to the education that we have received from Ken.

Jon & Andrea Stachyruk